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Many successful people share certain attributes. What might they be? This is the type of query that can fuel a lot of discussion and produce many answers and stories to go with them. One opinion is that the most successful people have a common mindset that results from their backgrounds coupled with the desire to stretch themselves while doing something good for others.

It’s true that many successful developers do possess the qualities of caring about their communities. It’s given life by the way they share of themselves to meet needs and improve the world around them. They know within themselves that doing for others holds more rewards that simply doing for oneself.

For those who need an example of this type of developer, Nicolas Kyriacopoulos offers a great example. What is it about him that attracts attention? What’s his story and why is he such a good model for today’s successful business professional and development entrepreneur? Here’s some information that will provide the answers to those questions.

Born in 1978, Nicolas Kyriacopoulos is the product of immigrant parents. It’s been said that he’s a combination of the best qualities that each of his parents had to offer. While growing up in Montreal, Quebec, Nicolas is said to have gained his mental acuity and agility from his Greek father. From his Russian-speaking mother, he received his appreciation for what philanthropy can accomplish as well as his open-minded approach to the world.

The world of ancient Greece held Nicolas’ interest from his earliest years. Much of that has to do with Greece being the country where the Olympic Games began. It also has to do with knowing so many of today’s sports can be traced back to those ancient times. This fascination led to Nicolas becoming involved in wrestling, given that it’s one of the world’s oldest contact sports. Even today, that training has helped form his character and allows Nicolas to be the man that he is.

Much of his earliest wrestling training tool place in a smaller athletic club found in the centre of Montreal. That setting continues to be an example of how he chose to make the most of his surroundings and appreciate what they had to offer.

The city itself provided a setting that helped to instill important values in the young Nicolas. As a place known for being able to combine the old and new into a beautiful mosaic, Nicolas Kyriacopoulos readily took in the qualities that the city’s legacy of French and British architecture had to offer. That included the narrow streets lined with cafes and patios that brought to mind the world of old Europe. It was within this setting that young Nicolas began to dream of creating things of beauty that would benefit the entire community, setting him on the path to becoming a successful developer.

With the dream defined, Nicolas Kyriacopoulos created a holding and finance company for the stated purpose of creating living space in markets that were underserved. Launched in 2012, the company is the force behind the construction of more than 400 homes and units throughout Ontario. To date, the company has also developed commercial and industrial properties as well as residential properties.

Nicolas’ interests are not confined to community development. He also operates a company that develops and provides medical products to clients around the globe. The company seeks to provide products designed to help people achieve better health and enhanced quality of life.

Family has been important from childhood on and remains a key part of Nicolas’ life. He gives much of the credit for his success to those who have been with him every step of the way. That includes his parents, his wife, and his two daughters. If you want to seek Nicolas smile from ear to ear, watch as he talks about them or as they come into the room.

Drawing on the heritage he inherited from his mother, Nicolas is an active member of the local Jewish community. Support for local rabbis and similar worthy causes is part of his way of life. He has also been instrumental in the construction of a park for a Montessori school in the GTA. As a place of learning built on the premise that children should have room to explore and determine how to make the most of themselves and their lives, this type of educational facility touches a philosophy that’s close to Nicolas’ heart.

So what are some of the attributes that successful people share? Going by the example of Nicolas Kyriacopoulos, it’s making the most of what you have, a desire to change the lives of others for the better, and giving back to the wider community. It’s examples like this one that inspire others and compel them to dream dreams of their own.